Strictly Ballroom

Image“Strictly Ballroom” tells the story of an Australian Ballroom dancer; Scott Hastings, and his struggle to establish his personal style of dance in his way in order to win the Pan-Pacific Grand Prix Dance Championship. Throughout the movie we have seen the struggles that Scott faces involving family, love and his passion for dance.

ImageStatus versus Power

The classic example of a Cinderella story is strongly being portrayed in this movie by Fran. At the beginning of the movie, she is being perceived as a beginner dancer, unattractive, clumsy and unnoticeable by others. However, as the movie continues, we can see her transformation not only physically but as well as her dance skills.

The influence of the Dance Championship is done through coercive power which suppresses freewill. Initially Scott was reluctant to dance with Fran because he was influenced by his upbringing of the competitive dance world whereby beginners are no match to amateur dancers, however, through time spent and first hand encounter with Fran’s culture, he learnt that there true meaning of dance.

It is obviously shown in the film that there is a strong dispute by Scott’s parents of Fran dancing with Scott as she is a beginner while he is an Amateur. The parents soon learnt that Fran brings out the best of Scott, complimenting each other while they dance as Fran is submissive and Scott is dominant.


Success versus passion

Dance revolves around the freedom to express. This becomes obvious when Scott is being laughed at by Fran’s family when he is performing his own understanding and perception of a Paso Doble, which is restricted and fixed in steps. Scott later found out that there is more to just doing steps fixed by the association and there are more dance.  At the end of the movie, it is clearly shown that Scott struggles between having to win the Pan Pacific Grand Prix for his family or his passion and love for not just the dance but also towards Fran. In my opinion, the reason why the directors choose the dance Paso Doble to portray strongly in this movie is its origins of being a strong dance. Paso Doble is the dance of the matador with its cape fighting to challenge the bull; it shows a strong connection between both the matador (male) with its cape (female) performing flawlessly to defect the bull (parents/rules). Hence, in comparison to other dances such as the Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, etc, the Paso Doble illustrates more personality and indirectly shows the battle between his family’s success versus his.

 In summary, this movie has really captured my attention in many ways. The battle between Scott’s family interest versus his has shown that there is more to just living under a rules and control. Scott’s decision to fulfill his own dreams has many people realize that they should not live for other people, but themselves. “Strictly Ballroom” as a movie title is truly an oxy moron, it explains the whole movie as being Strictly-Control, Ballroom – Dance. Dance is suppose to be free and expressive so why should it be restricted? 

 “Dance to express, not to impress” 


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