Good Will Hunting


“Good Will Hunting” is the kind of movie that is inspiring and yet portrays a very real life scenario that would relate to many people. The movie is about a 20 year old mathematical genius with a photographic memory; Will Hunting, who is an introvert and lives his life revolving around hanging out with his friends, low skilled jobs, getting in to fights and troubles.

Will spends a lot of time interpreting books. Aside from his brilliant mathematical ability, he is also well equip with the knowledge of other subjects such as history and general knowledge.

Will’s current behavior is due to the fact of his upbringing. He’s an orphan, which grew up in a series of foster home in which he was physically abused by. As a result, Will developed attachment disorder. He was not able to form trusting relationships with anyone, nevertheless is unable to control his anger. Although he instill much knowledge, he is unable to grasp the true understanding and is not able to integrate his intelligence to his relationships in any situations, except with 3 young men whom he called his best friends.

ImageRelationship with friends

Will is fortunate to be blessed with 3 friends who he can trust. His friends stood by him when he really needed them and vice versa. His friends are the only once in the world that he can truly relate and trust, hence, the only person that he thinks he could best take advice from are from his friends. When Chuckie said that the happiest time in his morning day would be that part when drive up to Will’s front door, bang on the door and no one answers, no good byes no nothing; demonstrated that his friends are there not to gain fame or advantages from being friends with a genius, but they are genuine and are ready to let go.


However, although his friends go through thick and thin with Will, they have never exchanged personal and intimate details about themselves. Their friendship is based on mutual understanding, support and acceptance.


Relationship with girlfriend

Skylar plays a very important role in influencing Will’s feelings towards life as she is his soft spot. Although initially Skylar was attracted to Will’s charm of knowledge with words, she later finds out that he is not so much of a perfect person as well. She accepted him for who he is because she could relate to him is many aspects of his life.


Relationship with Psychologist

Sean; a psychologist that Will was scheduled to meet every week in order to avoid conviction and also last resort after a series of failed meeting with previous psychiatrist and counselors,  tries to form emotional connections with Will by practicing self-disclosure, meeting outside of therapy and as well as aggression.

These methods are considered unethical between the therapist-patient relationships, however, in Will’s case, we can see that Will unconsciously began to related his feelings and attitudes to Sean. Although this is an unconventional approach to finally form the relationship with Will, perhaps this is what Will really needs. We can see that Sean’s self disclosure has led to a reciprocity effect, as Will begins to reveal something about himself when Sean did. As compared to his 3 best friends, perhaps Will really needed a friend who listens and doesn’t judge him in anyway.

The ice officially broke, when Sean reassured Will that it is not his fault. Although initially Will took it lightly, knowing that it is not his fault from his knowledge, but he fails to fully grasp the understanding that it is really not his fault. After several reassurances from Sean, Will finally broke down and there was no more barrier between the both of them.


According to Maslow’s hierarchy, Will lacks in love and belonging, this had led him to have low self esteem and his fixation has restricted him from self-actualizing. Sean is not the main factor of him breaking out from his shell, Skylar reinforced Will that he does not need to be perfect all the time and together with Sean, made Will realize that there are people out there that does truly care for him.


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