Schindler’s List


“Schindler’s List” revolves around a member of the Nazi Party – Oscar Schindler, who is also a con businessman motivated by greed in the beginning, but later ended up saving thousands of Polish-Jewish refugees during the Holocaust by turning his  factory into a safe house.

Throughout the film, distress is felt due to the setting of World War II.  I think the films portray the concept of Evil Psychology in an obvious way. Throughout the film, German troops were never short of cruelty and brutality. One great example is Amon Golf, who literally kill for fun or you can argue out of boredom. And it shocked me that he didn’t feel any remorse, which seems psychologically he perceives his captives like animals. It was a very dehumanizing scene. To down a few notches of evil, the Nazis gathered the Jews to concentration camps and treat them like slaves. All these depictions translated perfectly with the outcome of Zimbardo’s prison experiment whereby if one possesses the power of higher authority – the German troops like the prison guards in the experiment would ended up succumbing in obedience to the extent of dehumanize a fellow human being.


I think Schindler’s list brilliantly conveys the notion that people are capable to commit to evil things out of obedience of a higher authority figure. But, it also shows that people are capable to break off that chain of command too with the scene when Oscar Schindler gave a speech to his workforce and challenged the German guards to kill them now in cold blood or they could just spare them and leave. They left, and for me it was a victorious moment for humanity. We aren’t that evil after all.


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