Chariots of Fire


The movie “Chariots of fires” is about two ambitious Individuals who are individuals who strives for success but yet also motivated by different reasons. Throughout the movie, we are able to see how the behavior started and how they strive for success.


Eric Liddell

Eric is strong to his belief and trust that his talent is given by God and he should make full use of it. Throughout the movie, Eric stood firm that his religion is what keeps him going and that his success is only to be use for the better. Even when his faith is tested, he doesn’t stop to cherish his achievement with the world and continues as a missionary in China.


Harold Abrahams

On the other hand, it is shown in the movie that Harold finds his motivation through hardship. Due to the fact that Harold was from a Jewish decent, he was forced to face difficult times. Harold’s drive to success is clearly shown when he started experiencing inferiority which later drives him to strive for superiority. Harold also started developing an internal locus of control, contemplating if he should quit or not after his first lost. He feels that he has done everything under his power but still not good enough, but later sees that he has to work harder and strive to validate his arrogant attitude.


Both Eric and Harold showed their different coping mechanism when motivated to strive for success. We can see that external rewards are not what drives the both of them, but it is their inner needs, regardless of religion or personal goal that helps them reach their achievement. The expectancy value theory applies most in this film because both of individuals exceeds their own strong beliefs and values to fulfill their needs.


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